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Obtaining the latest and great movies, games, music and other digital media is possible now thanks to the billions of data files on the internet. A torrent is a file that is shared, distributed and downloaded by various people on the internet. There are thousands of websites that devote themselves towards sharing torrents with users who are free to download whichever ones they choose. Before choosing to download any media, you should always be sure that the owner has copyrights to the work they are distributing. Small metadata files remain an integral part of how we share information, data, programs and other files.

About ExtraTorrent Application

Long story short, it is a type of search engine similar to the Pirate bay that combs the internet looking for all types of torrent files. ExtraTorrent uses advanced technology and algorithms to scan all available media websites and index those torrents into their search engine. When somebody types in a term into this search box, the engine will search through their database finding all torrents that match the information typed in. The website then provides a results page which lists all results that matched the keyword, ranking them in order of relevance.

When you find a file online that you want to download, you have the option of downloading it using any of the available torrent tracking software available. Undoubtedly the most popular torrent tracking software is ExtraTorrent download tool. The application allows you to download multiple files at the same time, and the software is very efficient at downloading large amounts of data in a short amount of time. ExtraTorrent uses technology that combines the power, bandwidth and internet connections from “peers” or other people downloading the same file. This greatly increases download speeds and allows for large files in excess of multiple gigabytes to be downloaded in hours instead of days.

Another interesting aspect of ExtraTorrent and its torrent program is that both ones allow you to download files in separate pieces instead of downloading the entire thing at once. This is good if you are downloading a song album and only want a few songs instead of downloading the entire thing, or if you are downloading a movie and don’t want to get the bonus features. The P2P method allows you to gain separate files from separate sources, and the software will automatically optimize and find the best locations from which to download your files. This is how you can get blazing-fast download speeds while using this tool.

Uploading Files

In addition to downloading files from ExtraTorrent, you can also choose to host files and upload them to the Bittorrent servers. This allows you to share your favorite movies, games, music and videos with your friends on the internet in a safe manner. Simply upload your files to the database and they will automatically be included in the search results for keywords that match the file you uploaded. Another unique feature is you can set the client to automatically start uploading and hosting files as soon as you download them, and even while you’re in the process of downloading them. This streamlines the entire process and makes it quicker for people to find what they’re looking for.

Using the Client for Bittorrent Transfers

Most people use the ExtraTorrent service for downloading their favorite games, movies, music and videos without having to search around other places to download this media. ExtraTorrent is a metasearch engine, meaning it automatically combs all torrent websites in its database in an effort to find the available torrents that match the keywords that were inputted into the search field. You can think of it as a giant search picking up every piece of information available, as the service uses some of the same technology as large engines when it indexes the internet finding torrent files.

ExtraTorrent was designed in this manner because there are millions and millions of torrent files on the web, and there are thousands of websites in numerous languages that host these files. The creators of this system recognized the need for a central comprehensive search engine that would be able to comb the internet for all available torrents and display them to users, making the download process more centralized. Nobody wants to spend their time searching from multiple different websites, as finding what you’re looking for could involve searching through up to 20 different sites before you find your files. ExtraTorrent makes this process much simpler by incorporating a metasearch engine.

History and Legal Information

ExtraTorrent was created in 2003, making it nearly 10 years old. It has consistently ranked as the second most popular torrent search engine, only behind its competitors. The program is based in Finland, making them exempt from a variety of laws in the US which would prohibit their activity and possibly cause them to be shut down.

ExtraTorrent incorporates a very simple and smooth design into their website. When you visit the site you will notice no advertisements and no annoying popups to deal with. Simply type your search terms into the search field and watch as the search engine does all of the work for you in regards to finding the best files that match the keywords you inputted. Becoming a member on ExtraTorrent is free and only takes a few minutes time to get everything set up. Becoming a member entitles you to numerous benefits including being able to track what files you’ve downloaded, having faster download speeds, and other benefits.

ExtraTorrent has had numerous legal battles with various governments around the world. The United States in particular has launched numerous efforts to shut down websites such as this because they oftentimes host files which were obtained illegally. Because ExtraTorrent is located in Europe there is not much that can be done by outside governments, but individual companies and corporations still make efforts to bring down these types of websites because of the number of copyright infringement complaints that typically arise.

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