The ExtraTorrent technology has been often compared with the service features of the uTorrent and people often ask the pace of utility of the technology over uTorrent. Well, uTorrent is really a well established and one of the most popular systems to provide better encryption options and facility of data filtration and schedule designing. But the problem arises with an uTorrent user when it switches into Linux because the problem of familiarity for the system interrupts the way of the system.

Introducing the main interface of Bittorrent

The excellent feature of the Bittorrent technology is that it is very simple to use and not very much different from that of the uTorrent operation. There are explanatory tabs in the application to offer you the platform to go through RSS feeds, logging in and looking for the data of interest. There one can find each and everything in an organized way. Also, the framework of the application is completely identical to the kind of programs the window user often goes through. But this system is far useful than the conventional technology of same series as it offers far simpler process of application. The entire system is free from advertisements and unnecessary interruptions.

The series of settings

Like other torrent platforms, ExtraTorrent comes with a variety of settings and options that impart you a wide range of features to set in the application. Scheduling gaps, optional downloading and uploading programs and setting up the bandwidth are some important deals that you can carry out easily. Whether you want to play with the proxy servers or you are interested in maintaining the client device through remote access, the advance torrent system offers a well developed platform to do all this.

The GUI lock system

One of the most important things about the service of the ExtraTorrent technology is the GUI lock system. This special feature offers one the chance to lock GUI system and later it can be reopened only by entering the correct password there. In this way, you can simply hide your confidential data from other people who can access to your computer easily.

The ExtraTorrent platform has been developed to replace the uTorrent and similar kind of torrent applications for the reason they are not being supported by Linux. This made the community of Linux users feel sad and disappointed. But of course the introduction of the ExtraTorrent application made it easier for the users to run the application easily in their device.

Still, while running the file on your system, you will get an introductory message, on other words, a kind of warning that torrent technology is a file sharing program that shares any of the uploaded content in web with the members of the community. So, for every content shared by the user, he or she will be completely responsible for any positive or negative result.

Well, this kind of warning is not a matter of concern and you can proceed for utilizing the ExtraTorrent tool keeping legal file sharing rule on mind.

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