ExtraTorrent is going after unofficial proxy sites

unofficial-proxyThere are lots of unofficial proxy sites for ExtraTorrent’s data that are getting much of the traffic and therefore advertising profits. The torrent engine is trying to cut off these websites in order to urge users to only rely on safe proxy pages. Official proxy sites are still recommended by the staff.

It is not a surprise that torrent sites get blocked in many regions by local ISPs. This has caused proxy sites and VPNs to appear all over the internet to bypass the country specific blockades. Obviously, the authorities and rights holders are far from happy about it.

ExtraTorrent is a large and well-known torrent index that receives millions of visits daily, therefore there are several proxy sites in addition to the ones the team has founded themselves. Recently, the web administrator changed the site’s structure to cut off the unofficial proxy sites. The main reason is to keep the web traffic to their own pages and also to keep users safe from harmful sources.

Technically speaking, the site is encrypted using JavaScript which can be read by user’s browser. Official proxy sites can decode the content but other indexers will fail. Most of the third-party proxies are already unusable but they might still start looking for some kind of solution.

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