BitTorrent Sync is doing great

BitTorrent, the amazing file distribution technology recently launched Sync – a tool for synchronization of data present in various folders across multiple devices. The success story of this amazing tool is highlighted by the fact that users have already used it to sync a mammoth petabyte of data. These gigantic figures are a result of release of public alpha on April 23 by BitTorrent. Until this point from the month of January when a private Alpha was released for the tool, the device was used to sync just 200 TB worth of data.

So, within 13 days of release of Public Alpha the BitTorrent Sync has accounted for 800 TB of data synced. This is really a great achievement considering the daily volume of 70 terabytes being synced on the tool. The stats were recently brought into light by the spokesman of the company while announcing the proud completion of 1 petabyte of data synced through BitTorrent Sync.

bittorrent-sync_progress2Talking of this technology, it is quite amazing platform for the people who want their data present in folders on various devices to get synchronized together. The use of peer-to-peer technology is based on the set of rules under the guidance of BitTorrent. Being a Dropbox like tool it is seamlessly easy to use with drag and drop feature. Though, it does not use cloud storage yet there is no practical limit of the data being synced at a single point of time. This makes it famous amongst the users who just love it.

If you are thinking that your data is not safe while being synced as BitTorrent officials know all the usage details till now then you are mistaken. It is completely secure service that does not intervene into your data. The record stored is just about the amount of data synced and not what type of data is being synced. The security of the file transfers is augmented by use of encryption so that no third party can decode it.

Now, seeing the advantage of the tool it is really helpful. Synchronization does not only mean having same data at multiple locations but it also ensures data security in times of natural calamities. A backup is always there in case data is destroyed at one location and can be easily retrieved by syncing. Moreover, the changes being done in one device are reflected in data stored at other locations as well. The best feature that everybody has eye on is the price. It is absolutely free.

So, we see that BitTorrent Sync is an amazing syncing tool that has practically got no limits on size and space used. One can use it to sync enormously sized files that cannot be done normally over other platforms. Even more you do not have to be dependent on any Cloud storage for safeguarding your data.

Keeping in mind that the Internet has a reserve of 10 petabytes of data, it is quite amazing that BitTorrent Sync already accounts for the 10 percent share of all the data on Internet. Of course it is only through the synchronization purpose and not being stored at any physical location on World Wide Web. This is already an incredible platform for the launch of the stable version of the tool.

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